WOW World of Watersports 25′ x 6′ Super Slide with Sprinklers

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The WOW Wave Super pool slide is an inflatable water slide that can be attached to a standard garden hose. It is designed to provide a thrilling and fun experience for kids and adults alike. The slide features a curved design that creates a wave effect as users slide down it, adding an extra element of excitement. It is made of durable, heavy-duty materials and has reinforced welded seams to ensure it can withstand rough play. The slide can be easily inflated using a standard air pump and can be deflated for storage when not in use. It is suitable for use in residential pools and can accommodate a weight capacity of up to 250 pounds. The WOW Wave Super pool slide offers a fun way to make a backyard pool area even more exciting and enjoyable. Kids of all ages will love this slide, and they can enjoy it with family members or friends. It is made from durable material so it won’t rip or tear easily, and toddlers can use it safely without worry of injury. It’s easy to inflate and deflate for storage, and it’s made by a reputable company with great customer service. The WOW Wave super slide is easy to set up and use. It holds a 250 lb. weight capacity, making it suitable for most children and adults. The thick vinyl walls are designed to prevent the slide from developing pinholes and other small tears that could potentially lead to deflation when in use. However, you will want to keep an eye on the material to make sure that it doesn’t develop any leaks during heavy use. Overall, if you’re looking for a fun activity that your whole family and neighborhood can enjoy, then the Wave Super Pool Slide may just be the perfect fit. It provides hours of enjoyment and is sure to become a popular summer activity at any pool party or BBQ. To encourage an outdoor lifestyle, we are launching a campaign to share your favorite moments with us by using #wowmoments. Share the moments that make you happy, bring out the kid in you, or are just plain awe-worthy. Share your #wowmoments with us by writing about them or sharing pictures or videos on social media or with friends and family. Your #wowmoments inspire the outdoor lifestyle that we innovate and design for you and your family. It is a special way to reflect on and appreciate the special moments in your life with your family so everyday feels like Summer. We love to see your #wowmoments!