Worx TriVac Electric Corded 12 Amp Yard-in-One Blower/Mulcher/Vacuum

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The Worx® TriVac 12 Amp Yard-in-One Blower/Mulcher/Vacuum makes yard cleanup a breeze with multi-feature operations and a convenient lightweight design. Forget buying separate tools for your leaf collection and yard cleanup needs, because this single TriVac leaf blower and vacuum has it all.

How Does the Worx Yard Vacuum and Blower Work?

The Worx TriVac 12 Amp Yard-in-One Blower/Mulcher/Vacuum makes quick work of cleaning up with a powerful motor that delivers air speeds up to 210 miles per hour. Strong enough for even the toughest debris, the Worx blower offers single-handed operation for vacuum and blower modes, with a comfortable design and angled nose to reach into all the corners and tight spaces. The metal impeller can be activated for mulching, with a 10:1 mulch ratio. This means you can mulch up to 100 pounds of dry leaves in a single sweep before the bag needs to be emptied. Plus, switching between settings is easy with no tools to change. Just flip the switch to the right setting and get to work.

Is this Leaf Blower Vacuum Battery Operated?

The Worx TriVac model does not include batteries or cordless operation. This is an electric tool, making it more convenient than most gas-powered models. Plus, you never have to worry about whether the battery is charged as you would with the Worx cordless leaf blower family of products because you can just plug it in and go.

What are the Specifications of the Worx Cordless Leaf Blower and Vacuum?

This Worx leaf blower and vacuum with mulching feature offers 12 amps of power, rated at 120v/60hz. Airspeed ranges from 80 to 210 miles per hour for blowing and vacuum operation, and the optional bag attachment holds 10 gallons, or 1.2 bushels, of mulched leaves. The lightw


  • Great alternative to cordless leaf blower and vacuum for constant power
  • Single-handed operation with powerful motor and output
  • Included optional 10-gallon leaf collection bag
  • Compare to Craftsman leaf vacuum and other leading brands

Notify me if the item is available in the stores.