WORX NITRO Brushless 4-Tool Combo kit Model # WX919L



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The ultra-portable and easy-to-handle Worx Nitro WX531L 20V Power Share WORXSAW 4.5 in. Cordless Compact Circular Saw with Brushless Motor might be small, but it’s more than powerful enough to get the job done. With 6900 RPM of no-load speed, it’s able to spin the blade as fast as cordless circular saws that are much larger. The 4.5 in. blade only has a 3/8 in. arbor. That’s half the size of a traditional circular saw’s blade, and it allows the motor to push the blade to higher speeds. And the user benefits from having all that power in an easy to grip and easy to transport form factor. In fact, this compact circular saw weighs less than 4 lbs., so it’s much easier to maneuver and make tricky cuts with than a full-size circular saw. 

Speaking of cuts, this 4.5 in. circular saw was made to cut 2x4s and plywood. With a max cutting depth of 1.5 in., it slices right through. And 0-46 degree bevel cuts are as easy as setting the bevel-adjustment lever. This cordless circular saw is driven by a high-efficiency brushless motor. 

It doles out more power but uses less battery while doing so, which means you get more runtime on just one charge. This 20V circular saw has a comfortable grip as well, so you can put in the hours and not feel it as much in your hands afterward. This Worx Nitro WX531L 20V Power Share WORXSAW 4.5 in. Cordless Compact Circular Saw with Brushless Motor is the more nimble version of the full-size cordless circular saw. 

The Worx Nitro WX102L 20V Power Share ½” Cordless Drill/Driver with Brushless Motor is built to last, with all-metal gears for performance you can count on during even the most demanding jobs, and an all-metal heavy-duty 1/2″- in. ratcheting chuck which practically eliminates bit slippage. 2-speed gearing and a variable speed trigger allow the user to find the perfect rotation from 0-600 RPM or 0-2000 RPM. Low speed provides more torque, and is meant for tougher jobs and tougher materials. High speed gets the job done quicker but offers less torque. And the 20 1 clutch allows for further fine-tuning so you can find just the right setting for each application, with 531 in-lbs. of maximum torque available from this drill/driver. 

This cordless drill is ideal for driving fasteners, drilling holes in wood and metal, building decks, fences, and performing rough carpentry, or working on metal framing and assembly. The high-efficiency brushless motor allows this drill to remain compact and lightweight. At only 3.4 lbs. it’s lighter and easier to maneuver than traditional drills. Brushless motors are smaller and lighter than motors based on a brush design, and they allow for more runtime on a single charge, up to 50% more. 

The drilling capacity of this Worx Nitro Drill/Driver is 1-3/4 in. in wood, and a ½ in. in steel. The on-board LED light illuminates both the cutline and the work area in darker spaces. And the innovative GripZone handle is constructed of micro-textured materials for more comfort during operation. Brushless motors are more efficient, more durable, and last longer than motors based on a brush design, so when we made our 3-speed Impact Driver we weren’t going to settle for anything but a brushless motor. It provides an impressive 2000 inch/lbs of torque yet has a compact and lightweight form factor. So you can take all that power in tighter places than other drills. Then we packed its gearing in a solid aluminum housing, which will extend the life of this tool. I

t’s packed with modern features, like an LED fuel gauge to let you know exactly how much battery you have at any given moment. The LED headlight activates when you pull the trigger, and stays lit 20 seconds after you let go, so you can see what you’re driving in dark spaces. The 3-speed settings let you pick the right amount of spin for the job at hand. It comes with a #2 Phillips screwdriving bit, carry bag, belt hook, 1-hour charger and a 20V 2.0 Ah Powershare battery that you can use with any tool on the Worx Powershare platform. Power, performance, durability, full of features, and at only 3.2 lbs., it’s compact enough to get into narrow spaces. 

With a brushless motor that won’t quit, the 20V Brushless 3-speed Impact Driver could be your next favorite tool. The 20V Worx Nitro LED Work Light brings 1500 lumens of bright light to your worksite. The built-in hanging hook and 360° pivoting head allow you to get light right where you need it—hang it from shelves, pipes, almost anything. Plus, the frame is configurable so you can stand it up in almost any orientation, too. At just 5.6 lbs. with the battery attached (4.4 lbs. without) this compact light is perfect for when you’re on-the-go and is easy to store. This indoor/outdoor light is not only handy at worksites, but at tailgates, campsites and more. 

Keep it in a cabinet in the kitchen or your workspace, or throw it in the trunk. Hang it from the hood when doing automotive work, it even fits under the sink for plumbing jobs. The LED lamp lasts for up to 50,000 hours of burn time. And using a 1.5Ah battery, this light will burn for about an hour and a half, but higher-capacity batteries are available to increase its runtime. Best of all, as part of the Power Share Program, any 20V Power Share battery you already own can be used to power this work light, saving you time and money.


  • Engineered to provide greater power, performance and runtime
  • 0-46° bevel cuts are a breeze with the WORXSAW
  • WX102L has heavy-duty ½ in. ratcheting metal chuck for superior bit retention
  • WX261L has a 3 speed control for all drilling applications
  • Powered by the Worx Power Share Battery platform

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