Worx 20V Power Share – 3PC Cordless Combo Kit (Blower, Trimmer, and Hedge Trimmer)

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Stop making yard work such a chore and get the WORX 20V Max Lithium Power Share 12” Cordless Grass Trimmer with In-Line Wheeled Edging. That sounds like a lot, but it couldn’t be easier to use. Just pull the head down and rotate it 180° to switch between Trimming and Edging functions. The shaft telescopes down if you’re a short gardener, or it elongates if you’re tall. And it tilts 90° so you can trim underneath the deck, the bushes, or the dog. The handle is adjustable, too, making this 2-in-1 Trimmer and Edger the most comfortable lawn & garden tool you’ll ever use. The Auto-Feed Line Management System gives you the right length for the most precise cuts every time. The Flower Guard will keep you from tearing through the tulips. At only 5 1/2 lbs. it won’t tire you out to carry around.

Adjustable Spacer Guard

The WORX 20V Max Lithium Power Share Cordless TURBINE Blower is what a sophisticated, up-to-date leaf blower looks like. Easy to use, yet powerful. Clean, green, and mean to those messy leaves all over your lawn. WORX TURBINE technology was designed to be as powerful and more efficient than a traditional gas or electric leaf blower, without the obnoxious fumes of a gas blower, and without a cord to trip over as you get with an electric. The TURBINE blows out 60 mph or 75 mph, depending on which speed setting you’re using, and it spins out 225 CFM or 360 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) of air volume. You might want to go full speed all the time, but lower power actually performs better on hard surfaces like the sidewalk or driveway than full power—who knew? (our engineers, did.) The Overmold rubber grip gives you comfortable, one-handed control of the 5.7 lbs. body, and the Hyper-Stream nozzle lets you direct all that power where you need it.

Lightweight Convenience

The D-Grip Front Handle lets you easily hold it up high, or from any angle. And at just 5.3 lbs. you won’t get fatigued trimming your bushes. The Dual-Action Hardened Steel Blades slice through twigs and branches so smoothly that it reduces much of the vibration that comes with many hedge trimmers. With a 20


  • TURBINE fan technology gives you 360 CFM at 75 mph
  • Dynamic airflow intake makes this a quiet blower
  • D-grip front handle lets you position your hands at any angle

Notify me if the item is available in the stores.