Tough Plus Cleaning Wipes – Multi-Purpose Heavy Duty Hands Tool Cleaning Wipes for Most Difficult Messes Remove Oil Paint Dirt and More

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One Tough Cleaner: Tough Plus Cleaning Wipes perform deep cleaning in removing tough stains and messes such as grime, grease and dirt. This can be used for all surfaces – home, auto and industrial use.

Durable: These wipes do not tear easily – can clean more by using less.

Ready to Use: Pull, Wipe and Cleans. Cleans toughest dirt in the quickest time.

Gentle on Hands: Gentle on skin when used to remove stains including grease, tar, ink, paint, permanent marker, wax and more.

General Purpose: Tough Plus Cleaning Wipes can be used in cleaning bathroom, kitchen, office, vehicle, furniture, equipment, appliance and more. This can be used to clean car interiors and remove oil and tar, too. Six canisters contain a total of 960 big and tough wipes.