Thermacell Mosquito Repellent Refills with 48-Hour Mosquito Protection



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For the backyard and beyond, Thermacell Refills keep your Patio Shields, Lanterns, Torches, and other fuel-powered Thermacell Repellers fueled for the long haul with no batteries or cords required. Always be prepared by keeping extra cartridges and mats in your tent, backpack, garage, or tackle box for whenever you need them. With a 15-foot by 15-foot zone of protection, you can camp, hike, hunt, garden, or simply sit on the patio without worrying about mosquitoes or pesky insects. Thermacell repellent devices are powered by fuel cartridges which provide cordless and portable heat. This heat disperses a small mosquito repellent saturated mat into the air and eclipses you with a powerful zone of protection from mosquitoes. Turn it on… Mosquitoes GONE!

  • Includes twelve 4-hour repellent mats and four 12-hour fuel cartridges for 48 hours of mosquito protection
  • Compatible with all fuel-powered Thermacell Repellers (except the Backpacker)
  • Repels mosquitoes by creating a 15-foot x 15-foot zone of area repellent
  • Effective mosquito prevention without spraying on skin
  • No smoke, flames, cords, or messy sprays or lotions
  • Mosquito repeller for hunting, camping, hiking, or relaxing outdoors
  • Thermacell mosquito coverage unlocks a new realm of possibility for mosquito-free outdoor adventures
  • Covers the size of an average campsite, porch, firepit, or patio set
  • Evaluated by the EPA for safety and effectiveness
  • Backed by the Thermacell Guarantee (see packaging for details)

Notify me if the item is available in the stores.