THC Cleaning Easy Mop Blue



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Easy to Install: Easy to install and use, support 360 degree rotation, so the mop head can be easily handled and installed under furniture and corners. Put the magic mop on the top of the mixing bucket, straighten the handle and push the handle down to activate the rotation of the mop head, it will wring out quickly and easily.
Economical: The rotating mop can be replaced and cleaned, which is more cost-effective than cotton mops. The microfiber rotating mop can effectively collect and keep dust, sand and dirt. Very suitable for home, kitchen, bathroom, office, cleaning the
Adjustable Handle: Easier than traditional mops. Ultra thin handle, ergonomic design, comfortable to hold. Adjustable handle, suitable for everyone. Rotating head enables flexible operation and saves effort. The length of the broom handle is adjustable, which can flexibly adapt to people of different heights and prevent serious back pain.
Adjustable: Consist of 2 cotton heads, mop rods and buckets, easy to use. Equipped with buckets, mop rods, 2 cotton mop heads and discs for easy use. The sturdy bucket has an integrated wringer, which can be spun and dried hands-free.

Notify me if the item is available in the stores.