Space Heaters industrial heater winter heater domestic small electric heater three-second speed heating intelligent constant temperature outdoor usable

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  • 【Outdoor Waterproof Heater】——-The outdoor heater covers the heating element to prevent pets or children from being scalded. If you accidentally touch the surface of an outdoor radiator, the radiator should have a stable circular base to avoid tilting. Even if it is discarded, it will automatically cut off the power supply.
  • 【Humanized design】——-The size perfectly matches our products. Protect our products from the external environment. The cover switch is controlled by a zipper, which is simple and easy to operate. You don’t need to spend energy looking for a cover. For convenience, the height and height of the outdoor patio heater can be adjusted.
  • 【Advanced carbon fiber heating technology】——-Stainless steel is not easy to melt, not only durable, but also very safe. The heater can be flexibly moved to the outdoor, garden, courtyard and other places you like

Notify me if the item is available in the stores.