Solid Gold Dry Puppy Food – Made with Real Chicken & Nutritious Superfoods 4lbs

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You knew it was love at first bark, but your new pup will know it is love at first bite! This recipe contains carefully balanced levels of vitamins and minerals, including calcium and phosphorus, to provide the ideal support for controlled and healthy bone, joint and muscle development. We also include natural DHA to support brain and eye devlopment. Love at First Bark contains real, nutrient-dense USA-sourced chicken & potatoes. This recipe is gentle on the digestive system but full of nutrition to support your growing pup! Solid Gold’s proprietary nutrition platform is tailored for your puppy’s lifelong health and longevity. Our carefully curated blend of 20 superfoods helps support a strong and healthy immune system as well as proper bone development. These are paried with balanced Omega-6 and -3 Fatty Acids for a soft and shiny coat plus immune system support. Prebiotics and living probiotics ensure your puppy has balanced levels of beneficial bacteria to support optimal gut health, healthy digestion and nutrient absorption. As America’s first holistic pet food, Solid Gold has over 40 years of experience developing transformative nutrition for your pet.