Samsung 7.2 Cu. Ft. Electric Dryer with Sensor Dry

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Samsung’s new Smart Dryer has integrated Wi-Fi that allows you to remotely start or stop your cycle. Schedule laundry on your time, receive end-of-cycle alerts and more, right from your smartphone.* Sensor Dry automatically optimizes the time and temperature of your drying cycle to help prevent overdrying.

  • Wi-Fi connected so you can receive end-ofcycle alerts, remotely start or stop your drying, schedule cycles on your time, and more, right from your smartphone with the SmartThings App.*
  • Automatically optimizes the time and temperature of your drying cycle to protect your clothes from heat damage, while avoiding excess energy use.
  • Fewer loads, less time in the laundry room, and more time doing the things you love.
  • More cycles to cover almost every drying need for your active family.
  • Easy troubleshooting from the convenience of your smartphone.*
  • Choose which way your dryer door opens to better suit your laundry room layout.
  • Worry less about lint or fluff blocking the dryer’s air intake.
  • Seven convenient drying options provide optimal care for all fabric types to keep clothes looking their best.
  • Choose from High, Medium, Low and Extra Low temperature levels to dry your clothes gently and thoroughly.
  • Samsung washers and dryers team up to make light work of laundry day.
  • Smart Care interacts with your washer and dryer to perform an immediate diagnosis and offer quick solutions.
  • The control panel provides a helpful reminder to clean the filter to keep your dryer running smoothly.
  • The control panel lets you know when it’s time to clean the filter.