SAMSONITE Lumbar Support Pillow For Office Chair and Car Seat, Perfectly Balanced Memory Foam , Versatile Use Lower Back Cushion

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Superior comfort

Unlike some pillows that become flattened over time, the Samsonite lumbar support cushion will remain and never flatten thanks to the high-density memory foam structure. By attaching it to your chosen chair you are providing additional support to your lower back to help ease any discomfort. Hours spent sitting at a desk can negatively impact our posture so by using the support cushion you are creating an ergonomic experience that will provide comfort by moulding to the shape of your back.

Super easy to use

Measuring 13.5 inches x 14 inches x 4.5 inches, the lumbar support cushion features an integrated adjustable strap that allows an easy and secure fit to most chairs including office swivel chairs, car seats, truck seats, dining chairs, plane seats and more, and wheelchairs. The convenient slider buckle positioned on the strap can be positioned easily for you to achieve the perfect fit. It only takes a moment to set your cushion up for a more comfortable sitting experience.

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