Refurbished Cubii JR1

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The Refurbished Cubii JR1 is our standard seated floor elliptical that includes all the features you need to get started on your wellness journey!
All refurbished products have been tested for functionality and defects and are approved for sale. Cubii JR1 features an easy-to-read LCD monitor that displays your progress for easy tracking. Track your calories burned, distance traveled, rotations per minute, and active time and manually enter your progress into the Cubii mobile app. The Cubii JR1 compact seated elliptical is portable and includes a built-in handle to help you position it under your desk or in front of your favorite seat.


Take advantage of the 8 increasing levels of resistance and use Cubii JR1 for muscle or injury rehab and fitness.
As you increase strength, increase resistance, and continue pedaling toward your health and wellness goals! The whisper-quiet design allows you to pedal description free while you work, read, watch a movie, or talk on the phone.


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All workouts are taught by expert trainers who teach various class types. With classes that range from five to 30 minutes long, find the perfect workout to fit seamlessly into your schedule. Save when you purchase an annual subscription and meet the new you who loves to get fit while you sit