Pretend Play Sink Set – Pretend Kitchen Sink and Dishwashing Playset – Plastic Diner and Playhouse Toy Accessories

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The Pretend Play Sink Toy Set will provide loads of dish-washing fun for boys and girls alike. In addition to the sink with a base and faucet, the playset also includes four plastic cups, two plastic plates, a plastic knife and fork, dish rack, play detergent and brush. Children will enjoy role-playing as they serve food to others and then bring the dirty dishes to the sink for cleaning. What could be more fun than children pretending to wash their own dishes? How about washing the dishes with real running water? Simply fill the base of the sink up with water over the hole level and when children turn on the faucet, the water will flow through so they can wash the dishes! An automatic water cycling system eliminates the wasting of water to allow for endless hours of playtime, while the faucet can be rotated 180 degrees to easily rinse both gutters. As if playing with the running water wasn’t enough fun, the accessories change color when warm. These accessories will turn white when the water temperature is 33°C-42°C (91.4°F- 107.6°F), then return to their normal color once cool. Not only does this teach them color recognition, but it will also teach them that items can change color when warm. Children will also learn essential organization and sorting skills. After washing the dishes with the soap and brush, they can stack the plates, cups and utensils in the dish rack. Expertly crafted of odor-free, ABS plastic for durability, this set will provide safe play for years to come. With so much to do and to learn, the Sink Set will make a great gift for birthdays, holidays and other special occasions.
  • Helpful Tips: 1.Remove the faucet from the sink toy if it is not used. 2.There is a waterproof rubber strip around battery compartment, please be sure to tighten battery compartment cover completely to avoid water getting into it. 3.Water must be over the hole level, which makes it easier for faucet to pump up the water.
  • Temperature Sensing Wash-up Kitchen Sink Sets: Accessories will turn white when water is 33℃-42℃, color returns when it’s cool. Kids can play with warm water and avoid catching cold.
  • Child-friendly play kitchen Water Sink Toy for Kids to Play: ABS material, smooth Edge without Burrs, Odor-free, child-friendly water sink toys for kids to play and always wash hand to stay healthy.
  • Simulation Kitchen Playset: For one or more person to role play, which improve color recognition, kitchenware recognition and exercises hand-eye coordination ability and the ability of organization and storage.
  • Various Accessories and Common Kitchen Utensils: Kitchen sink*1, base*1, plastic cup*4, plastic plate*2, brush*1, plastic knife*2, play detergent*1, faucet*1, dish rack*1

Notify me if the item is available in the stores.