Persil Gel Universal, 6.64L, Liquid Detergent, Deep Action Plus, Removal of Embedded Stains and Odor Block

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Persil Universal Deep Action Plus removes all types of stains, including embedded stains and bad odors. Its new formula, in addition to having a high quality, has combined active ingredients, different types of enzymes and a unique fragrance to guarantee a deep and impeccable cleaning solution. Eliminates embedded stains and bad odors, thus being the number one detergent thanks to its German technology. Persil Gel Universal is everything you are looking for when it comes to a new level of unmatched cleaning that leaves the maximum whiteness on all your garments. It penetrates deeply into the fibers, removing even the most stubborn stains that other detergents fail to remove, thus leaving perfect results. In addition, with its Odor Block technology, it combats bad odors such as sweat, leaving your clothes always clean and fresh. With Persil it is possible to have the opportunity to experience a perfect clean together with the maximum freshness in each wash. Persil provides innovative technology in powder detergents and liquid detergents, this being the center of our efforts in order to offer the best cleaning results to all Mexican consumers.

Notify me if the item is available in the stores.