Persil UNIVERSAL GEL, 4.65L 66 loads, 4.65 liters + High Hygiene Gel, 3L, Liquid Detergent, Deep Action Plus, Fights germs and bacteria, Antibacterial Effect, German Technology, (42 loads)

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DEEP ACTION: Persil Deep Action Liquid Laundry Soap is highly effective in removing tough dirt and stains from clothes, leaving them clean and fresh

MAXIMUM WHITENESS: Persil Universal is everything you are looking for when it comes to a new level of cleaning that leaves maximum whiteness in your clothes

PLEASANT AROMA: Persil liquid detergent has a pleasant aroma that leaves clothes smelling fresh and clean after washing

FOR ALL CLOTHES: Persil laundry soap is suitable for all types of clothing, from delicates to sportswear, making it very versatile in use. Its formula is biodegradable!

GERMAN TECHNOLOGY: The purity, performance and protection of textiles are at the center of our research and development, in order to achieve the best result for you

Instructions: Read the instructions on your garment. Separate white and colored clothing, wash separately. Measure the recommended amount of detergent, wash as usual.