Meet the Evolution, Oxygenics Evolution Rain Shower Head, a new way to start your mornings and cap off your nights. With five powerful spray settings, including the pendulum setting, your shower experience will be transformed. The pendulum setting crashes down like a pulsating massage and feels amazing after a long day. It also relaxes sore muscles and improves circulation, oscillating up to 780 times a minute and delivering 14″ of dynamic coverage. The Evolution also includes our waterfall setting that creates a spa-like feeling in the comfort of your home. With its elevated base, the Evolution extends 9.5 inches from your shower arm and increases shower height by 3 inches, making this shower ideal for all family members. Not only that, but the 1.8 GPM flow rate will save you money on utility bills while still enjoying a high-pressure shower. Just like a lighthouse, the Evolution brightens each day and signals that it’s time to treat yourself.

  • Pendulum setting delivers 14″ of dynamic coverage
  • Extends 9.5″ from shower arm and increases shower height by 3″
  • Articulated metal base for custom angles

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