Member’s Mark Vintage Truck Collection (Teal)

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The new season arrives in style with this adorable teal Member’s Mark Pre-Lit Vintage Spring Gardener’s Truck. The metal, retro-style pickup rolls into this spring’s seasonal décor with a flatbed full of assorted flowers and herbs. Metal accents highlight the vintage truck body, right down to its running board and tires featuring wide white-walls and silver hubcaps. The rustic, hand-painted sign on each door, emblazoned with the words “FRESH HERBS PLANTS & FLOWERS” shows spring is ready for delivery.

Warm White LED Lights

This spring collectible takes on a twinkling glow with the help of 20 warm white rice LED microlights which wrap around the rustic wooden gates of the truck’s flatbed, along the back and on the front grill, illuminating old-fashioned headlights. The lights are powered by 2 AA batteries and controlled by an easy timer. Once you turn it on, you’ll get six hours on and 18 hours off, allowing you to set it and forget it.

Great Accent Piece

The truck measures 17.75 inches wide, 8.5 inches deep and 9 inches high. Perfect on a shelf, fireplace mantle, covered porch, or used as a table centerpiece, this spring accent works in a variety of places. There’s no need to position it next to an electrical outlet since the lights are battery powered, giving you more placement options.

Durable & Nostalgic

This classic pickup brings a touch of rustic nostalgia that can be used anytime from the start of spring through the end of summer. The metal construction of the durable décor will allow this truck to cruise through years of use and be passed down to kids or grandkids who grow up enjoying it each spring.

Complete the collection with our Pre-Lit Vintage Spring Yellow Beekeeper’s Truck or the Teal and White Vintage Camper that matches the truck and can be attached to its back hitch. With a price not found at other retailers, this collection of Member’s Mark seasonal, decorative vintage trucks

Notify me if the item is available in the stores.