Levis Youth 2-pack Tee

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Levi’s® tees are made to fit perfectly with our denim. This Levi’s® Graphic Snow Jersey Tees pack features two jersey t-shirts, both cut in a regular fit with cool graphic prints. If you have an active teenager, these tees will most definitely become a go-to fit on various occasions, whether it’s at a school match, on a hiking trip or while lounging on the couch.

Our set comes in a lovely colorway, the first tee comes in black, whereas the second one comes in grey. Graphic Levi’s® prints at chest are inspired by our vintage prints, highlighting our company’s rich heritage.Prior to the 1950s, the T-shirt was considered an undergarment. Marlon Brando was the first one to change that in A Streetcar Named Desire (1951). Along with Brando, James Dean transformed the white T-shirt from a piece of utilitarian underwear to its current role as the backbone of hyper-casual attire. He likely favored T-shirts for their ease and simplicity, pairing them with denim. Today, an outfit consisting of jeans and a T-shirt is an absolute essential fit, transformed and worn by numerous subcultures.

Notify me if the item is available in the stores.