International Delight French Vanilla Creamer Singles (192 ct.)



Start your morning right with a sweet splash of French vanilla flavor. International Delight French Vanilla Coffee Creamer transforms your cup of coffee into a world of fantastic flavor. This set is a coffee lover’s dream, with 192 Creamer, Serving Size Pods, perfect for purse, pantry, or flavor emergencies—and no refrigeration needed! These single-serve creamers are both gluten- and lactose-free.

For over thirty years, International Delight has been making the world a tastier place, one cup of coffee at a time. Our coffee creamers come in over twenty different delicious flavors, including fat- and sugar-free varieties, and we now offer a wide selection of iced coffees, as well. We believe that there’s an art to concocting the perfect cup of coffee, and we want every sip you take to be a masterpiece of flavor. Welcome to Creamer Nation.

Creams Come True With International Delight French Vanilla Creamer

There’s nothing like the taste and texture of French Vanilla creamer. It’s so delightfully sweet and smooth while instantly sweetening coffee to creamy perfection. International Delight uses premium ingredients for just the right balance, blending beautifully with single-note and ground coffee varietals, eliminating bitter aftertastes while making every sip one to savor.

Doesn’t International Delight French Vanilla Creamer Require Refrigeration?

Most vanilla creamers require refrigeration, including many International Delight flavors. This can make providing flavored creamers challenging for businesses, restaurants and coffee carts, resulting in non-dairy powdered creamers that can compromise coffee flavor. The International Delight French Vanilla liquid creamer portion cups, 192-count box, are sealed for lasting freshness and shelf-stable so they stay fresh at room temperature. Each cup is outfitted with an easy-open pull tab for effortless opening.

Lower Calories, Rich Taste

International Delight French Vanilla Creamer singles yield just the right amount of creamer for a single cup of coffee, eliminating heavy pours that can increase calories. The flavorful blend is also free from trans-fat and cholesterol; complete French Vanilla creamer nutrition information is provided on the box.

Plenty for All

This multi-count box of International Delight French Vanilla creamer singles includes 192 single-sized cups of liquid coffee creamer, making it ideal for breakrooms and restaurants alike. The cups can be kept stored inside the box for compact storage, for added convenience.


Coffee creamer singlesFrench Vanilla flavor192 creamer singles includedGreat for offices, restaurants, and homesKosher