igostar Oil Monster 2500 W Oil Radiator Energy Saving with Remote Control, LCD Display Electric Radiator with 13 Ribs, 4 Heat Settings, Thermostat, Tilt and Overheating Protection, Electric Heater, Black

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  • Up to 40 to 50 m² of heating for the whole room: the device has at least 2500 watts, thanks to the unique fireplace design with special heating fins create a stacking effect to provide efficient 360 degree circulation of hot air in rooms of 40 to 50 m² and keep your home cosy and warm without drying out the air. Aig. ostar oil radiator is Your best choice in winter.
  • Energy-saving electric heater: equipped with 1000W/1500W/2500W heating modes, this room heater also features an intelligent ECO mode that adjusts the working mode based on the room temperature with built-in precise temperature sensor and keeps your home continuously in constant heat while saving more on your energy bill in winter.
  • Whether garage, conservatory, cellar or attic, an oil radiator heats any enclosed space. It is used exactly where a heater is required, but no fixed heating option is available. Thanks to its flexibility and versatile applications, the device can be used in case of defects of the existing heating system or even in sudden or temporary cold.
  • Heat before you go home: Aigostar oil radiator comes with a 24 hour timer that can be set in units of 1 hour. In addition to setting the automatic shut-off time, you can also set the automatic switch-on time in standby mode. Always stay warm at home. It also includes a remote control for setting timers and other functions within a distance of 5 metres through an LCD screen.
  • Silent & Health Effect: The compact high-performance radiator works healthier than a fan heater. The heat is released into the room without disturbing draughts. It hardly swirls up dust, and the humidity remains almost constant. Due to this, heat wave devices are well suited for allergy sufferers and people with respiratory problems. They also stimulate the metabolism and increase blood circulation in the skin.

Notify me if the item is available in the stores.