Hurley Sunny Side Hybrid Stretch UPF Sunshirt

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A day outdoors has the potential for sport, play, or relaxation—yet requires special attention to UV protection. While it may look like a simple and straightforward long-sleeve tee shirt, the Sunny Side Hybrid Stretch Sun shirt is an easy way to keep your skin safe from overexposure to the sun. Its moisture-wicking, poly blend fabric is comfortable and equipped with UPF 50 to filter the sun’s rays. 

This shirt sports a small logo on the front chest with an asymmetrical sleeve design on wearers left. No matter how you wear it, it is designed for peak comfort—a touch of spandex ensures that it moves along with you and there are no inner tags to mess with your motion.   

Can this shirt be worn in the water?

Yes this shirt is meant for in and out of the water or sun, it will dry fast and help keep you cool.

Notify me if the item is available in the stores.