Degasa Premium 100% Pure Cotton Exfoliating Squares for Women 100 Count

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  • Cotton Squares Nail Polish Remover: Our product is perfect for removing nail polish. The cotton squares are lint-free, ensuring no residue is left behind. Use it as a makeup remover too. Just add a bit of your favorite makeup remover to the cotton square and gently wipe off your make up.
  • Hypoallergenic Cotton Pads: These cotton pads for face are hypoallergenic, perfect for users with sensitive skin. You can safely use them as face wipes or feminine wipes. They are also suitable for applying toners like witch hazel. Make your skincare routine safe and comfortable with our product.
  • Lint Free: No more worries about leaving lint on your face or nails. Our cotton squares are lint-free, making them perfect as makeup wipes or nail polish remover pads. You can also use them as gauze pads for minor injuries.
  • Versatile Cotton Swabs: Our products are not just cotton pads. They can also be used as cotton swabs for cleaning small areas, applying makeup, or even for ear care. Use these versatile cotton swabs to enhance your daily hygiene routine.
  • Disposable Face Towel: Our cotton squares can serve as a disposable face towel, perfect for a quick facial cleanse. The soft, hypoallergenic material is gentle on the skin, making it perfect for use as face exfoliator or makeup remover cloth. They are also great for travel, compact and easy to carry.