Columbiaville Plastic Enclosed Standard Litter Box with Scoop


  • 【Extra large space】This extra large litter box is suitable for all breeds of cats. The spaciousness provides a comfortable environment for cats to move freely without restrictions, which is more conducive to their physical and mental health.
  • 【Convenient drawer design】 This drawer design of the cat litter box solves the drawbacks of the previous ordinary cat litter box which is difficult to clean. It can easily clean and replace the litter by simply sliding out the bottom drawer, giving you a more relaxing experience.
  • 【Easy to scoop】Our litter box comes with a litter scoop that can be hung on the side of the litter box for easy access. The drawer type cat potty design with the litter scoop, this cleaning method can avoid sticking your hand into the box to make a mess and keep your home clean.
  • 【No tracking, keep the room tidy】This cat litter boxes for indoor cats, the closed design and the small hole at the top of this cat toilet can solve the problem of cat litter everywhere in the room.
  • 【Double-entry design】 The front door only goes in and out, preventing cat litter from spilling everywhere, while effectively preventing dogs. The top entrance can go in and out at will, which can train the cat’s natural jumping and increase the fun. The top lid with 5mm gap design effectively recovers the cat litter brought out by the cat’s paw.