Bio Bidet BB-600 Ultimate Bidet Seat



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Feel fresh and clean with this Bio Bidet Ultimate round electric bidet seat. The dual-nozzle system supports both posterior and feminine cleansing and is easy to reposition to suit almost any body type. A tank reservoir with a built-in heater provides a steady supply of warm water to ensure consistent water pressure and temperature, and the integrated motor operates quietly for discretion.

Featuring a variety of operating modes, this Bio Bidet Ultimate round electric bidet seat makes it easy to thoroughly clean yourself. The oscillating and massage modes deliver thorough, relaxing cleaning, and the auto-wash feature starts a full wash and dry with one touch. An adjustable warm air dryer quickly dries you off after using the nozzle and eliminates the need for toilet paper.

This Bio Bidet bidet seat has a built-in control panel that lets you easily customize settings and choose the right mode. The simple interface means you can adjust the temperature of the seat and the air dryer, and the panel has a kids’ wash button that lets little ones clean themselves without having to adjust the settings.