Atkins Protein Chips – Chipotle BBQ – 4 bags inside

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Atkins™ Chipotle BBQ Flavor Protein Chips are everything you love about a chip, without a ton of the net carbs you don’t. These delicious chips are the salty and crunchy snack chips that won’t sideline your nutritional goals. Protein chips with that unmistakable smokey flavor and lively kick of heat, with 13g of protein and 4g of net carbs*. Today’s Atkins™ is the original low carb lifestyle and personalized nutrition plan that enables an effective, balanced approach to weight loss***. Today’s Atkins means eating better,
feeling better, and living better – without depriving yourself of great-tasting food. The science behind the Atkins approach shows that limiting carb intake can help the body burn fat for fuel
and produce effective, long-term health benefits. But you don’t have to DO Atkins to enjoy our great ready-to-eat meals, anytime snacks, and treats that don’t have a ton of sugar and net
carbs. Choose Atkins anytime you want to eat the food you love. Find out how living a low carb lifestyle can help you reach your goals. Try Today’s Atkins.


  • GREAT CHOICES. Stay true to your Atkins lifestyle with these delicious protein chips.
  • CRUNCHY, SAVORY, GOODNESS. AT HOME OR ON-THE-GO. Enjoy these tasty chips that fit right into your busy schedule for an anytime snacking experience.
  • KETO FRIENDLY**. Help get your body the nutrients it needs with the snacks you love, without a ton of net carbs and sugar.
  • BAKED, NOT FRIED. The great flavor and crunch of a savory snack that’s been baked, not fried.

Notify me if the item is available in the stores.