Arm & Hammer Litter SLIDE Easy Clean-Up Clumping Cat Litter Non-Stop Odor Control with 10 Days of Odor Control

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Arm & Hammer Slide Non-Stop Odor Control Scented Clumping Clay Cat Litter is the purr-fect product to keep your cat’s litter box smelling fresh. Made of odor absorbing materials and infused with paw-erful Arm & Hammer baking soda crystals, this non-stick litter is designed to destroy odors on contact and eliminate them for up to 10 days. The low tracking formula is 99.9% dust free—so the litter doesn’t go in your lungs or all over your home as you pour. The powerful clumping action makes clean up a breeze—but your home will smell fresh even between cleanings with this a-meow-zing litter. Clumping clay cat litter helps neutralize litter box odors for up to 10 days. Features Non-Stop Odor Control—a freshly scented, continuous action formula. Moisture activated micro-granules form a tight seal around waste odor and heavy-duty odor eliminators—plus Arm & Hammer baking soda—destroy sealed-in odors on contact. Clumps easily and doesn’t stick for convenient cleanup and no extra scraping. Low tracking litter is 99.9% dust free.