Aqua Joe SJ-SHSBB3LIH Garden Hose Stand with Brass Faucet /w 3 ft Lead in Hose

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Say goodbye to tangled, heavy hoses and store your hose the neater way with the Steel Garden Hose Holder Faucet from AQUA JOE. The 42.5-inch high, powder-coated pole and the curved hanger are weather-resistant for a long-lasting luster and make an elegant addition to any garden landscape. Heavy-gauge steel construction and a secure 2-point soil anchor system allow you to store up to 125 feet of your standard garden hose the stylish way while giving you easy access to your faucet. Don’t stay trapped against your house–simply connect your water source on one side, your hose on the other, and relocate the stand to a more convenient location, away from shrubs, delicate plantings, or cramped quarters. Or, if you want to tuck the stand against your home, Aqua Joe now comes with an included 3-ft tap extension hose! Perfectly suited for ideal hose stand placement and storage, this 3-ft fiber jacket tap attachment connects your outdoor spigot to the hose stand–for a solid, leak-proof connection. A solid brass spigot provides a secure, leak-proof connection for years of reliable performance in your yard and garden. 


  • Neatly stores hose to ensure longer life while eliminating garden clutter
  • Provides convenient access to difficult-to-reach hose spigots by extending the connection
  • 42.5″ high, powder-coated hose stand
  • Weather-resistant and designed for a long-lasting luster

Notify me if the item is available in the stores.