Air Wick Pure Freshmatic Automatic Spray Refill Apple Woodland Mystique 5.89 oz

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Air Wick Freshmatic Pure Automatic Air Freshener fills your home with continuous, fresh fragrance. It provides 24/7 Odor Neutralization with 10% more concentrated fragrance than previous formulation. Each refill provides continuous fragrance for up to 60 days*. The Freshmatic diffuser has 3 settings to achieve desired fragrance level. Enjoy the continuous freshness in your bathroom, living room, office or den. Get the confidence of knowing that your home is always welcoming and pleasurable for family and unexpected guests. *Based on low setting.

  • A captivating scent of warm woods & amber accentuated with shades of delicate spices
  • Air Wick Pure neutralizes odors and diffuses a fresh and wonderful fragrance in your home with no added water
  • Each Freshmatic refill provides up to 60 days of automatic & continuous fragrance when in low setting
  • It provides 24/7 Odor Neutralization. Fragrance contains essential oils
  • Use in any room: living room, bathroom, bedroom, hallways, kitchens & office

Notify me if the item is available in the stores.